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Maternal Mental Health

What Every Care Provider Should Know

A couple of questions to consider:

First, what percentage of the population would you guess are mothers?

Second, what proportion of the population is deeply impacted by a relationship with a mother figure?

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to state that pretty much every single patient or client who walks through our doors belongs to one or both of those groups. That being the case, mothers’ mental health should be important to all of us, right? Are you aware that 11 -25% of mothers will develop a mental health condition, most commonly major depression and/or an anxiety disorder, in the year following the birth of each child?

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Maternal Ambivalence

When You Love Your Kids but Don’t Love Motherhood

tired-mother-with-child1If you are a mother, you have probably experienced at least one day (if not many) when you wondered if you were cut out for the job of parenting. Mothering is hard work. Even on our best days parenting our kids, there are difficult moments. Many days, it is the occasional joyful moment that makes it all worthwhile. Other times, it may not feel like the good justifies the bad.

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The Mindful Parent: Learning How to Let Go


“There are so many things we benefit from learning to let go of as parents—comparing our children to others, expecting them to be the people we imagined they would be, attempting to be a perfect housekeeper/caregiver/playmate/chef/lover (insert unrealistic expectation here), and, on some days, even expecting to take a shower!” Read More…

Can You Recover from Depression Without Medication?

73a992a88ccf98e0e7334303949b0c17An article I wrote for the blog. The important take-away: depression is a serious illness. Mild to moderate depression often can be treated through psychotherapy and improved relationships and self-care. But if you need medication to recover, it’s still important to get better however you need to.